There are two main ways of contributing to the site - creating new content, or adding comments to existing pages. Not everyone can do all of this, because different users have different privileges. Everyone can add comments once they're logged in, but only members of the Men of Wight can add new content.


You will find the option to add comments at the bottom of many pages. Feel free to submit anything relevant, and make your thoughts known. Just type your comments into the box and click the Save button.

New content

If you are entitled to add content, you will see an option Add content in the Navigation menu on the right. Clicking on this will lead to the following choices:

  • Write an Article This can be anything you like, that you think readers may be interested in.
  • Create a Photo Gallery This allows you to upload a collection of photos. See the separate guide page on Photo galleries for more details.

That's it! Pretty simple really, so go ahead and add to the site - the more the site changes the more interesting it becomes.