Who's who and Contact info

To contact us, email: bagman@menofwight.org.uk

There are three principal officers of a Morris side: the Squire, the Bagman, and the Foreman. The Squire is equivalent to the chairman in more familiar terminology, while the Bagman performs the roles of secretary and treasurer combined. The Foreman's job is to lead practice sessions - to teach new dances, and to get us all dancing together at our best.

When the side is out dancing, it is the Squire who decides what dances shall be performed, and if necessary which members of the side will take part. The Bagman looks after making a collection ("putting round the hat" is an old Morris tradition!), and will have previously arranged the venues at which we dance. The Foreman just hopes we all do what he taught us!

As with all clubs, the officers are elected annually at the AGM. The current incumbents are:

If you would like to book the Men of Wight to dance at an event, or are interested in joining as a dancer or musician, or in fact for any reason at all, please email us at info@menofwight.org.uk, or directly to our bagman: bagman@menofwight.org.uk