Come and join us!

We're always glad to welcome new members, regardless of whether or not you've done any Morris dancing before.

It may seem like a strange activity, but we're all normal people, and simply enjoy the friendship of fellow dancers, as well as doing an activity which is fun and surprisingly effective at keeping you fit!

Musicians too

Morris dancers need music to dance to, and so we also welcome musicians. If you're not too sure about dancing, but play an acoustic instrument, please come along and meet the musicians. We have a wide repertoire of tunes that are easy to learn and fun to play. We have "dots" for them, but many players pick them up by ear.

Where and when?

We meet every Thursday evening, over the winter we practice and in the summer we dance at various pubs (keep fit and drink beer - what more could you ask?). So if you're even only slightly curious as to what it's all about, come and see us. Until the end of April we're at the Methodist Church Hall in Quay Street, Newport, every Thursday from 8-10 pm. Most of us adjourn to the Prince of Wales (see link below) afterwards until around 11, so if you prefer a chat over a pint, that's where to find us.

We hope to see you soon.