Come and join in the fun

At every practice session this coming autumn we will be having a “GIVE IT A GO Evening”.  These evenings are specially designed for blokes who have no experience of dancing and would like to try their hand (or feet to be more precise!!) at a new challenge.  Please come along to any of our practices and we’ll introduce you to “The Morris”! 

We practice every Thursday evening from 8pm to 10pm from September to April.

You need to fulfill following criteria:

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Come and join us!

We're always glad to welcome new members, regardless of whether or not you've done any Morris dancing before.

It may seem like a strange activity, but we're all normal people, and simply enjoy the friendship of fellow dancers, as well as doing an activity which is fun and surprisingly effective at keeping you fit!


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Our costume

Every morris side has a distinctive costume, and a wide variety of colours and styles can be seen at any morris gathering.

Each side chooses its own design, there are no special rules except that morris men always wear bells on their legs, and always wear a hat! The rest of the costume, its colours and motifs, are usually chosen to reflect the town or area that the side represents